Road Safety


In November 2014 MVIL launched a much-needed national road safety education program called "NEVER FORGET ROAD SAFETY (2014-2015)".

This campaign is being promoted by NRL players and presenters from the Footy Show and tackles the issues of speeding, drink driving, pedestrian safety, overloading of PMV’s and ‘saying no’ if you feel unsafe as a passenger.

Since the campaign started, there has been a signifcant reduction in the amount of road accidents and deaths in PNG, however this is only the frst phase for MVIL’s vision for safer roads.

MVIL's PMV Driver Competition

PMV Drivers - NRL Grand Final 2010

Last year, 15 lucky PMV drivers had the time of their lives at the 2014 NRL Grand Final as winners of the MVIL PMV Driver Competition. This year it’s on again where PMV Drivers can WIN an all expenses paid trip to the 2011 NRL Grand Final and The Footy Show in Sydney – hosted by Paul Aiton and Neville Costigan. Prize includes Air Niugini flights, 4 nights accommodation, premium seat tickets and 500 Kina in spending money* HURRY, ENTRIES CLOSE 11 MARCH 2015. *Conditions apply.

Why We Are Tackling Road Safety

Through extensive research and statistical fndings MVIL has recognised the signifcance of the nation’s road accidents and the associated tragedy and discerned that a change to driver attitudes and even legislation is long overdue to reduce the alarming rate of accidents. Figures show that PNG road fatalities and accidents are costing more than a staggering K500,000,000 per year to the economy and according to MVIL statistics there are approximately 2,000 motor vehicle accidents per year that result in approximately 200 deaths and 650 injuries.

Of major concern is that the majority of accidents on PNG roads involve PMV’s that carry multiple occupants that are unrestrained. Therefore, more important than simple monetary figures are these alarming rates of death and injury, and it is because of this that last night saw the launch and implementation of a national communications strategy.

This communications strategy will educate the PNG population via a national road safety campaign with the ultimate purpose of reducing the number of accidents and deaths on PNG roads. MVIL believe that the initiative will have a signifcant reduction on the devastating loss of human life which is occurring mostly at a young age. Its resulting trauma affects families and communities, the ongoing cost of hospitalisation and its resources and the costs of essential services and police. There are many contributing factors to the national road toll such as (but not limited to) poor road conditions, alcohol use, vehicle overloading, seat belt regulation, lack of uniform road rules, speed signs and pedestrian crossings and poor vehicle condition.

Having identifed these major areas where signifcant improvements are imperative, the MVIL Road Safety initiative will focus on the five key messages of Drink Driving, Speeding, Overloading, Pedestrian Safety and Saying No when travelling on unsafe PMV’s.

It’s time to get serious about NEVER FORGET ROAD SAFETY (2014-2015).


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