Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make a Claim

Your claim for an insurance payout will be against MVIL.

You must note that the vehicle owner/driver has NO legal obligation to pay you compensation or damages.

If you want to claim, you must:

  • Make sure the accident has been reported to the Police
  • Write a letter to MVIL saying you intend to claim, and
    • You must do this within 6 months from the date the accident happened
    • You must tell MVIL
      • The date of the accident
      • Where it happened
      • The vehicle(s) registration number(s)
      • Insurance certificate number
    • You should enclose a copy of the police report
    • You should enclose a copy of the medical report if you have it, or you must sent it as soon as you can
    • If you want a lawyer to write a demand for you, make sure you ask him before the six months expire, as he must also write to MVIL

If you, or your lawyers, have not made a claim within 6 months after the accident date, you must write to:

The Insurance Commissioner

Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited

P.O. Box 122

Port Moresby 121

National Capial District

You will have to ask the Commissioner if he will give you consent to proceed with your claim out of time.

If you prepare to ask the National Court to proceed, you should ask for assistance from a Lawyer to present your application to the court. In each case you must give an acceptable reason as to why you have not made a claim in time.

You must submit both police and medical reports with your request to make a claim out of time. If you do not, your application could be refused.

Should either the Commissioner or Court give consent then you must write within the new period that you have been given. If you have any questions regarding your claim or reporting the accident to us, then you should ask for assistance from either The Claims Officer handling your claim or your own lawyer.

If you require further clarification you should again ask your lawyer or the Claims Manager of MVIL on:

Phone: 302 4600

Fax: 325 3155


What are the registration prices for different vehicles and their CTP insurance premiums?
Why do I have to pay for the Insurance Premium or the Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)?

The National Government has provided Legislation – ‘The Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Act’ (the Act) - which ensures that if a person is injured by an insured vehicle, and with some exceptions, an uninsured vehicle, and there is a liability on the vehicle owner to pay, then Motor Vehicles Insurance Ltd (MVIL) provides insurance cover.

This is known as Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. CTP provides monetary payment for loss of life and bodily injury, but does not give any payment for damage to, or loss of, any property including vehicles.

Where do I find the contacts for your other agents throughout the country?

MVIL Service centres

Here is the list of Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited~#39;s Customer Service Centres.

MVIL Head Office

P.O Box 1157

Port Moresby

National Capital District

Phone: 302 4600

Fax: 325 3155

Status: Active

MVIL - Kundiawa

P.O. Box 670



Phone: 735 1344

Fax: 735 1344

Status: Active

MVIL Registry Services

P.O Box 1157

Port Moresby

National Capital District

Phone: 302 4600

Fax: 325 8548

Status: Active

MVIL - Lae

P.O. Box 3205


Morobe Province

Phone: 472 3299

Fax: 472 3526

Status: Active

MVIL Gordons

P.O Box 1157

Port Moresby

National Capital District

Phone: 302 4685

Fax: 325 3155

Status: Active

MVIL - Mendi

P.O. Box 574


Southern Highlands

Phone: 549 1810

Fax: 549 1810

Status: Active

MVIL Goroka

P.O Box 886


Eastern Highlands

Phone: 732 1190


Status: Active

MVIL - Wewak

P.O. Box 1019


East Sepik

Phone: 856 1097

Fax: 856 1097

Status: Active

MVIL Mount Hagen

P.O Box 130

Mount Hagen

Western Highlands

Phone: 542 2876

Fax: 542 2316

Status: Active

MVIL - Vanimo

P.O. Box 196



Phone: 857 1483

Fax: 857 1483

Status: Active

MVIL Kokopo

P.O Box 570


East New Britain

Phone: 982 8166

Fax: 982 8167

Status: Active

MVIL Kimbe

P.O Box 161


West New Britain

Phone: 983 5076

Fax: 983 5629

Status: Active

MVIL Alotau

Walters Workshop P/L -Alotau

PO Box 270


Milne Bay

Phone: 641 1237 / 641 1296

Fax: 641 0364

Status: Active


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